something soft

~something soft~

FaceTime me and tell me a joke

Don’t hang up when I giggle and blush

You tell me your secrets

All of your fantasies


Don’t dip it in sweetness

I don’t wanna see

What you think I wanna see

I want you honest and nosey and horny

Crass and extreme and supportive


I know when you’re down

you don’t wanna lean

You wanna stand tall

like it doesn’t hurt at all

But I’ll hold you up and kiss your shoulder


I hate that you’re picky

I hate that you’re insensitive

I hate that you’re easy to talk to

I hate your stupid smile

I hate that you’re so far away

I hate that I don’t hate you


And with my lips on your shoulder,

In softer than a whisper,

I tell you something soft

Like I hate that I love you


Please don’t leave



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